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0909 - Fatto in Italia

About us


0909 offers a product made in Italy but with the particular projection towards a global concept, not only from a geographical point of view but also from the point of view related to the product offer.

0909 is specialized in the production of jackets, outwear, trousers and knitwear for man and woman but the brand is imposing a definite identity also with a collection of accessories useful for a functional and avant-garde lifestyle.

Clothing are the result of a careful research of fabrics and of a creative process detailed studied and always in process.

Passion and creativity , combined with the craftsmanship of the details and attention to comfort, make 0909 an ever-expanding presence on the Italian and international clothing scene.

0909 concept comes from the taste of Luciano Acquaviva, owner of the company, who developed the brand following his personal inspiration. Luciano Acquaviva has Apulian origin, to be precise he comes from Martina Franca. A territory full of inspirations and with a particular vocation for the textile and manufacturing sector. It was probably his beloved original country, which has always been in constant evolution in the textile sector,that pushed Luciano Acquaviva to explore the world, looking over the years, for something that would differentiate the 0909 footprint.

Then, Luciano Acquaviva chooses for 0909: it is a concept without limits or methodical impositions. Absolutely produced in Italy but with a foreign, international style.

It is not a matter of chance that 0909 is already real well-known in many countries.

Simple and clean lines, but different and sometimes rare like some creations by him realized that broking the schemes of craftsmanship made space for setting his sights to a young and dynamic public.

For us Made in Italy is not just a label to indicate a geographical origin. For us, choosing to continue producing in Italy means enhancing the artisan art of Italian tailoring.

Collecting the precious teachings of the great designers who have exported Italian excellence to the world, the 0909 brand combines the creativity of design with the value of manufacturing. For the men's clothing line it uses yarns worked with artisanal machines, finished by expert hands in our laboratory.
Each suit, each jacket, each outerwear is a single creation, a small work of art that expresses the fusion between the needs of the individual customer and the creativity of our company's tailors, professionals who guarantee the finished product a perfect fit.

Always only top quality fabrics, made with first choice materials in the most prestigious wool and cotton mills in Italy.



About us


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