0909 MAN.

Ever since he was young he breathed the air of textile production in his father’s company, producing men’s clothing; here he began to love this environment, to breathe the smell of the tissues and to recognize them, to get familiar with labels and price tags, to passionate to production launches. After 20 years within the company of the family, he decided to create his own production, which was the reflection of his personality: unpredictable but elegant, with a simple but sophisticated, visionary and casual style and, above all, extremely attentive to comfort. A motivator of creative spirits.

So he dared to give to “his “products a bizarre as successful peculiarity: a different seam at the shoulder height, which conveys comfort to all the garments and makes people feel comfortable wearing them. For this reason, wearing an 0909’s overcoat or jacket means choosing first of all a style: the Mr. 0909’s one.